Basic Principles

  • Do you want to become one with your horse?
  • Do you want to create a good mental balance with your horse no matter what level you are?
  • Need to redirect negative energy?
  • Want to start your young horse in a way to eliminate future problems?
  • Ever feel like you are left at the mercy of your horse?

 Dan Keen – “The Trainer’s Trainer”

Dan’s unique training method that he calls “Wenglish” originated from the knowledge Dan acquired from the experiences with his own Western horses and professionally with English horses over the years. He has taken the best from both worlds and uses it in his training techniques. The results have been successful for low level to Grand Prix horses.

Dan’s techniques use softness with the emphasis on complete trust, leadership and connection with your horse. The goal is to keep your horse, as well as you, sound, comfortable and moving forward to meet new challenges. You can minimize doctor, vet and shoeing bills and learn how to save money, by doing the correct training with the correct technique. By investing in your horse’s future with Dan, you will be saving money. Dan operates his training program, private lessons and clinics in a warm, friendly and motivating atmosphere that enhances the learning experience for you and your horse.

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Dan highly recommends taking lesson with your horse while in training so that you will be able to keep your horse as good as when he leaves Dan. Please keep in mind that every

Horse is different and training could take longer than expected or surprisingly sometimes not quite as long.


Featured Articles
Dan Keen has evaluated and successfully trained several prospective driving horses for me. We drive horses to new and antique vehicles and must have well behaved animals that we can trust.
I am the founder and a past President of the Houston Area Carriage Association, past president of the Carriage Association of America and current Chairman of the Carriage Museum of America. We drive European Warmblood high couraged horses in public and private events. Dan has helped us qualify and start some of our current driving horses. Dan creates the foundation that we can build driving experience on.

All the Best,
Stewart M. | Houston, TX.
Hi Dan,
I just wanted to let you know that Lio and I did our first Dressage show. I am happy to say that we won some seconds (they were in intro classes) and we had a good time. But the huge win was that we both were able to stay calm and quiet. The wind was crazy, and we had rain the second day, but we both were able to stay mostly relaxed. Even though I have owned this horse for 8 years, this is the first time I've ever felt comfortable riding him at a show. Anyway, thank you Dan for saving my relationship with my horse. I am enjoying him so more and you were our saving grace.

Anna G. | Houston, Tx.
Dan has a great gift with horses.

I have sent horses to Dan to work with. He has done a great job with. Dan is a master!.

All the Best,
Peter P. | Magnolia, Tx.

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