DK Webcast

 Dan’s plans for an up and coming webcast

Dan has plans to start his on webcast soon. Instead of buying an entire package of horse video that you may only use a portion of, Dan would like to offer a collection of videos and tips that will cover all training/riding needs. This way you can click on only the videos that interest you and they will stay in the archives in case you need to ever refer back to them in the future. Its going to be simple. All videos or tips will cover everything from colts starting, handling your horse properly on the ground from the very beginning as well as when he/she grows up, to the technical problems of the high level performance horse and rider , and of course for those who are just getting started and want to pleasure ride. Dan has a very thorough way of addressing all needs, training and general care horses to bring out the best in YOUR own horse.

*There will be something for everyone to learn and enjoy.  Dan will even throw in some of his bloopers for your entertainment as well. This will be a great way to see exactly some of the crazy and funny things that Dan endures during his training of horses.

look forward to seeing you back soon:

Please contact Dan on the contact page with your email and what you are interested in so he can inform you when he goes live and answer any questions you may have about the show.   I know this show can help you with all of your needs .