Whether Dan rehabs your horse or starts your horse and if given enough time, your horse  will be taught foundation/ground work, standing for the Farrier, mounting or in cross ties, ground tie, trailer loading/ hauling, learning leads , lead changes, work cows, jump, and complete confidence so that anyone can ride your horse.  The idea is to introduce your horse to as much as possible so when your horse is home he will be able to take on anything you ask of him/her.

Colt Starting:

Dan believes that the first 90 days in a horses career are the most important days of his life. With the background that Dan has from his Dressage , Jumping, Roping, Cutting, Polo, Driving, Cross Country, Reining, and Trail, Dan will incorporate his knowledge into your horses training. After Dan’s program, you and your horse will have a connection that will led to a successful partnership of any discipline you choose.

Training 2 pg.

Adult Horses:

Dan rehabs horse that have either skipped steps in their training somewhere or just Have problems that get worse with time. This is done by starting the horse over from scratch and helping the horse where he needs it. No matter what the case and given enough time, your horse will have more confidence and you will have a better connection with your horse and will achieve a successful career or just a pleasurable ride.

Training 1 pg.


Dan highly recommends taking lesson with your horse while in training so that you will be able to keep your horse as good as when he leaves Dan. Please keep in mind that every
Horse is different and training could take longer than expected or surprisingly sometimes not quite as long.